Here are several funny and memorable quotes from the popular O'Reilly books. To make sure I'm not twisting the author's words, you may want to search for the quotes to get some context. If pages are no longer available, google's cache may allow you to accomplish your goal. (wink wink, nudge nudge)

Perl Bookshelf
"Perl CD Bookshelf" "Questions, comments, and suggestions to" google alltheweb
        Perl in a Nutshell
Learning Perl
"If you bounce back and forth a lot, you'll find yourself typing the wrong things occasionally." google alltheweb
"rename fred barney die Can't rename fred to barney" google alltheweb
Learning Perl on Win32 Systems
Programming Perl
            "enumerating these weird, quote-like operators" google alltheweb
"social languages prefer to cooperate with other languages" google alltheweb
"Perl variable lives in a symbol table and holds one hard reference to its underlying thingy" google alltheweb
Advanced Perl Programming
"For a delightful discussion of little languages, do have a look at Jon Bentley's More Programming Pearls" google alltheweb
"The color comes from suspended minerals and decomposed organic matter from marginal swamps" google alltheweb
Perl Cookbook
"Single scalar variables are like hermits, living a solitary existence" google alltheweb
"Based upon the polite principle that terminals should be seen and not heard" google alltheweb
Perl Best Practices
"'Behaving very well' may seem stuffy and conventional and uncreative and completely at odds with the whole outlaw hacker ethos" google

Unix Bookshelf
"Unix CD Bookshelf" "Questions, comments, and suggestions to" google alltheweb
UNIX Power Tools
"There have been some big changes in Unix since we wrote the first edition" google
"sitting in front of a terminal, it's sometimes hard to realize that you're face to face with about twenty-five years of accumulated history" google
"efficient way to write quick and comprehensible shell scripts" google
UNIX in a Nutshell: System V Edition
Learning the vi Editor
sed & awk
Learning the Korn Shell
"The Korn shell belongs to the most common category" google
"When you invoke the command dave" google alltheweb
"Most signals cause a process that receives them to roll over and die" google alltheweb
Learning the UNIX Operating System

Networking Bookshelf
"Since you would undoubtedly prefer that hackers not commandeer your name server" google alltheweb
"Good parenting is vital to the success of your network" google
"At Movie U., we put in a firewall to protect ourselves from the Big Bad Internet" google
TCP/IP Network Administration
sendmail Desktop Reference
Building Internet Firewalls
Practical UNIX & Internet Security
Managing NFS and NIS
"thundering herd problem exists, which results when there are lots of threads" google
SSH, The Secure Shell: The Definitive Guide
Essential SNMP
Network Troubleshooting Tools

Java Bookshelf
Java in a Nutshell
Java Language Reference
Java AWT Reference
Java Fundamental Classes Reference
Exploring Java

Java Enterprise Bookshelf
"Java™ Enterprise CD Bookshelf" "Questions, comments, and suggestions to" google
Java Enterprise in a Nutshell
Java in a Nutshell
Java Foundation Classes in a Nutshell
Enterprise JavaBeans
Java Servlet Programming
"fit into any organized drawer and yet can't be thrown away" google
"wish you had taken that typing course back in high school" google
"Honest! The examples from this chapter were dreamed up only after" google
"an applet can normally get the current time from the system" google
Java Security
"When Java was first released and touted as being secure" google allthweb
Java Distributed Computing
"agents in your distributed application safe from network hostility" google alltheweb
"ContentProducer effect2 = new GrainEffect" google alltheweb

Web Developer's Bookshelf
HTML: The Definitive Guide
"Capture and examine the source HTML documents for the juicy bits" google alltheweb
CGI Programming on the World Wide Web
JavaScript: The Definitive Guide
"in a URL following the javascript: pseudo-protocol specifier" google
"this simple and elegant mix of HTML and JavaScript comments" google
Programming Perl
Web Master in a Nutshell

Writing Apache Modules with Perl and C
"access control handler has the job of giving thumbs up" google

Unix Backup & Recovery
"It is not possible to assign a monetary value to all types of data" google

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